Published 5:58 PM, August 25, 2016

Makeover reality shows inspire the inner designer in us to upgrade our home to ride in with what’s trendy these days, but more importantly we should always prioritize durability and functionality. With kitchen makeovers the pressure builds up on those two factors and the wide variety of materials and styles available in the market can be overwhelming. Through this guide get an overview of the different flooring options as the first step into kitchen makeovers and know their pros and cons, before you move forward.

     Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo being known as a sustainable source for flooring is great, especially if you like eco-friendly products. The bamboo’s strength is one of the highest of the natural materials in the market. Pros: Durable, beautifully grained, eco-friendly, long warranties are usually available Cons: Some bamboo flooring may dent easily

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

Durable with a contemporary look and tone that can withstand activity in the busiest of kitchens and still look great. Pros: Durable, versatile, moisture resistant, contemporary looking Cons: Hard if standing for prolonged periods, cold, needs re-sealing, can stain

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

Considered as a simple, modern solution for kitchen flooring. Plus, it’s affordable! Laminate wood flooring is durable and can withstand more abuse. Pros: Durable, cost-effective, has a wide variety of options, easy to install and uninstall Cons: Not as valued as real wood flooring, noisy, may be slippery, not refinishable

Rubber Kitchen Flooring

This has similar properties to cork, but comes with a larger variety of colors and textures are  easy to install adhesive-free. This is ideal for temporary flooring upgrade for rental apartments. Pros: Recyclable, naturally water and fire resistant, durable, easy to clean, soft feel Cons: Some people are sensitive to the initial smell, oils may stain the rubber’s surface

Stone Kitchen Flooring

Stone flooring is naturally cool and ideal for homes in hotter zones. A great variety of earthy designs and patterns are available to give out a unique finishing look. Pros: Hard, durable surface, easy to clean Cons: Certain stones may stain, requires routine sealing, fragile stones may chip easily

Tile Kitchen Flooring

A great solution for low maintenance, kitchen upgrading. Modern tile designs come in different sizes and patterns for you to play with, some even mimic wood and other flooring textures and patterns. Pros: Durable, moist resistant, easy to maintain, available in many styles and colors Cons: Grout lines may be difficult to keep clean, dropped items like glassware will likely shatter


Published 5:58 PM, August 25, 2016

When it comes to designing your kitchen, there are quite a handful of decisions to consider from material options, equipments, and more importantly its functionality. This is why storage space must be wisely planned out. As the homeowner, you may opt to choose having wall hung cabinets, built-in ground cabinets or have multiple pullout drawers that could fit all your kitchen necessities. Read through and get ideas for your kitchen from the tips we have below.

Tip Toe

For most people wall cabinets could be a bit of a hassle due to the fact that once the mid level is full, storing items at the upper level may be difficult to reach. Explore on other efficient storage alternatives in home magazines or even through the internet. Instead, make use of your walls so natural light and fresh breeze can freely come into the room.

Display Them

When wall storage is really necessary, consider open shelves as an alternative. They are much more efficient in storing your kitchen needs since everything is visible. Organize the things that will likely be used more often than others so to avoid clutter and dust accumulation.

Have a Lift

Unique mechanisms are available for those who prefer closed wall cabinets like the horizontal lift cabinets. This storage option has a huge advantage in functionality since it only takes one door to see all the items kept inside. This kind of cabinet also needs less levels only so reaching too high isn’t much of a problem.

 Pull-out Drawers

Modern drawers have proved to be more efficient since they can hold most of the kitchen necessities that you can store in base cabinets. Drawers have now innovated to come in different sizes – small ones for utensils, medium ones for plates and bowls, and even large ones for kitchen wares.

Useful Corners

Kitchen corners are inevitable, so why not make it just as useful? Installing cabinets or drawers are possible and they too can come in different sizes depending on the things you plan to keep in them.

Advance Mechanism

Give your old drawers and cabinets an upgrade by replacing them with soft close hinges and glides. These upgraded mechanisms allow you to shut the doors and drawers with one calm push without the occasional bang from slamming them close. The kitchen is not just where you prepare meals anymore, it is a command center and where the family spends most of their time together. Upgrading the room’s look and functionality not only changes the feel of the home in general, but as well as its other purpose to be a space where people can come together and bond comfortably.


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