Design A Fabulous Miniature Bathroom


Published 5:58 PM, August 25, 2016

As most people would claim, bigger is better. Times have changed and so has technology and design. Compact bathrooms are a common factor among modern homes, but they’re definitely still as spacious and functional. With the right colors and design elements, turning the room into a breathable space is definitely attainable. By following some creative steps and guidelines into modern bathroom designing, you can personalize your compact bathrooms and transform them into your personal zen zone.

     Retreat Room

The bathroom is an important room in the house so it has to be presentable. Before installing anything, conceptualize first what feel you want to incorporate into the space. Your goal is to create a room that is calming and functional as all bathrooms are intended to be. Make sure to have a balance among all the design elements and the room lighting to avoid visual clutter.

Palette Scheme

Space designing mainly depends on your taste. As the owner or designer, you may opt to customize the room by blending different palette schemes or by designs based on a specific theme. A useful tip for this project is to remember that light color schemes like pastels, neutrals and the basic white are likely to give the illusion of a larger room. Aside from size, these choices can easily give you a soft and sophisticated bathroom aura.

Ornamental Detailing

Since there is the smaller space to work with, technically, there is less square feet to fill in for flooring and walls. One way to totally vamp up your compact bathroom is by choosing fancy backsplash and flooring. Select a balanced mix of colors and designs for the floor and walls, these can boost the size illusion of the room as well as its visual presentation.

 Creative Storage

Prioritize built-in shelves or cabinets before hanging pictures up on the blank wall in your bathroom. Make stashing bathroom essentials a bit more creative by adding a splash of color on top of shelves or inside cabinets. You can do this by using bright colored paint or even adhesive paper.

Ambient Light

Glass and windows add reflection in the room and allows natural light to illuminate the interior. Installing glass shower doors and adding multiple mirrors can give the room an illusion of a larger space. If there is no more space to add a new window, another illusion tip is to hang four small square-shaped mirrors on the wall.

A Pocket Door

For a compact bathroom, a swinging door is not very ideal since its mechanism would require more space. A pocket door that slides from left to right would be a smarter choice as it still gives you the privacy function of a door while freeing up floor space.

Plan Before You Remodel: Bathroom Remodelling

Published 5:58 PM, August 25, 2016

When it comes to designing your kitchen, there are quite a handful of decisions to consider from material options, equipments, and more importantly its functionality. This is why storage space must be wisely planned out. As the homeowner, you may opt to choose having wall hung cabinets, built-in ground cabinets or have multiple pullout drawers that could fit all your kitchen necessities. Read through and get ideas for your kitchen from the tips we have below.

Now that you’ve considered to remodel your bathroom, it’s time to get started on the long to-do list before even getting started with the project. Even with some professional help to take care of the construction and installation, a lot of the mental work inevitably falls right on you as the master of the house.

So it’s going to be up to you where you want things to go, how much you want to spend, what you want it to look like and how you want it to function. It may seem to be a lot of work at this point, but just remember to keep your eye on the prize, seek the help and guidance of other people, and more importantly, plan thoroughly.



Step 1: What Are You Trying to Achieve?

Well, obviously you need a new bathroom. But when embarking on a journey that will take a good chunk out of your time and money, you want to get it right to the smallest of details. 

Before you do anything, visualize what your ideal bathroom would be like. Try, just try, to forget the constraints of money and space; just imagine what you want and what the intended purpose will be. Who is this bathroom for? Is it a master bathroom? A powder bathroom? A kid’s bathroom? How often will it get used and what will the function be?


Take it further and think, would your ideal bathroom include towel warmerssteam showers, maybe even a TV? All these things will help guide you in your decisions.


Step 2: Research and Budget

Before you get ahead of anything, you probably already have an idea of what you can afford. Consider whether you’re after a basic remodel, a mid- to upper-range or a deluxe remodel – this is what many would consider the total makeover, and always factor in a cushion of at least 10 to 20 percent more for unforeseen costs that might arise. 
Remember: To keep costs down, see if you can make your updates without moving any of the existing plumbing or wiring.


Step 3: Find a Professional 

Whether or not to hire a professional for any part of your project is up to you. If you know what you want and where to find what you need, and are confident that your ideas will work, then the design phase could be left up to you. 

If you’re planning for the total makeover, it may include tackling demolition, construction and installation, this is when you’ll need a professional. If you lack experience, a bathroom remodel could take you several times as long as a professional to complete, and the result might still be of poor quality. 

Research, research, and consult. When in utmost doubt, hire a pro to help.

Step 4: Refine Your Plan

Think of functionality and sketch up where you want things to go. Consider whether or not you want the toilet out in the open or let it have its own water closet and of course, where you will keep the toilet paper. What kinds of special storage you would need — for a hair dryer, makeup collection, shaving kit and more. How to get more natural light in and even how to incorporate sinks and vanities to fit your height and that of your spouse or partner.

There can be a lot of ideas you can get inspiration from in the internet. With so much going on during a remodel, it would be a shame to make a decision on a material or style that in the end you won’t be happy with because you didn’t make the time to plan for it.


Step 5: Approve the Schematic Design

At this point, the goal is to get the major elements and spacing down before moving forward, not necessary to have a complete picture of how the finished bathroom will look in terms of color and materials. 

Once the measurements and sizes are nailed down, then you will know how many square feet of tile you’ll need to order or how big of a marble slab you’ll need for the countertop.


Step 6: Choose Your Materials, Finishes and Colors 

First and foremost, research on the materials you’ll need so you’ll have at least some working knowledge on what kind you want and what to avoid. For example, marble looks great, but it’s a pain to maintain so go on and look for more easy-to-clean options. Maybe you didn’t know that wood can indeed work in bathrooms or weren’t aware of the great stone possibilities. 

Though the selections in this phase seem endless, here’s a general rundown of what you’ll be choosing:

o    Bathtub

o    Color

o    Countertops

o    Faucets

o    Flooring

o    Lighting

o    Mirrors

o    Shower

o    Sinks

o    Storage

o    Tile

o    Toilet

o    Vanities


Step 7: Work on Design Development and Project Documents

At this stage, you should be actively reviewing the floor planelevations, tile layout and any other relevant drawings associated with your project. More planning means fewer mistakes will come up. 

Also note that one of the best advice for any homeowner doing whatever kind of renovation is to keep all receipts, contracts, warranties and product information (so you understand how to care for and maintain the materials). 

No matter how meticulously you did the project, it’s highly likely that your bathroom remodel will have either something wrong, overlooked, broken, scratched or missing — a dent in the wall, a malfunctioning drawer, messy caulk. Better prepared than sorry, right?

Step 8: Decorate

Congratulations on your new bathroom! Now it’s time to make it look nice with the right towels, mats, soap holders and other accessories.


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